1] Adobe Photoshop CS :

Photoshop is a essential image-editing tool for graphics professionals. Photoshop CS is a part of Adobe Creative Suite family which is the leader in bitmap editing market tool. Photoshop is an industry standard for graphics professionals.

The new Photoshop CS4 has some additional features like Wrap 2D images around 3D shapes , painting directly on 3D models , higher Printing quality , ray-tracing rendering and much more.

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There are 4 different products of Photoshop , Photoshop Elements , Photoshop Express beta , Photoshop LightRoom and Photoshop CS4 .

2] Adobe DreamWeaver :

DreamWeaver is a Web developing application from Macromedia , now owned by Adobe . It supports web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, server-side scripting languages & frameworks including ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, JSP, PHP. DreamWeaver creates valid HTML/XHTML code for you.

With DreamWeaver you can design your web pages under real-world browser conditions. DreamWeaver is a leading web authoring tools for building world class websites and web applications . If designers use this tool to design web pages , then it will be very easy for the End-users to edit those pages manually by themselves .

3] Sonic Sound Forge :

Sound Forge is a audio editing Software have every thing for converting raw audio to an Final finished master audio. This suite help you to create and edit stereo audio files with desired speed and precision. Features includes Tools for Sound Design and Mastering , Stereo and Multichannel Recording , Precise Audio Editing , Pristine Sound Quality , Powerful Effects Processing , Dolby Digital AC-3 export and many more .

Webmasters can use this tool for creating a Webcasts , webinars , video tutorial and many more. Adobe SoundBooth is a good competitor for Sony sound forge.

4] Adobe FLASH :

Flash is a vector animation software developed and distributed by adobe . Flash is used to create Rich Internet applications such as animations , advertisements and other web components. Flash caches it’s videos so they don’t have to be reloaded. Microsoft Silverlight is a good competitor to flash. Today almost every Pc will have Flash installed. Flash is a very handy in creating Web components like calendars , movie players , user controls etc..,

The latest version of Flash , Adobe Flash CS4 includes more features for Action Script Programmers .

5] Microsoft Expression Web :

Expression Web is a part of Expression Studios from Microsoft. Create your website graphics with ease with expression web. You can use Expression Web’s professionally designed , standards compliant web site templates.Expression web supports CSS , that’s behind today’s modern sites.

With Expression Web no coding is required and it support ASP.Net 3.5 hence you can use all the controls to develop a dynamic web site. You also have PHP editing tool.

6] Adobe Fireworks :

Adobe Fireworks is a specialized tool for web designers mainly used for optimizing web pages . Fireworks is a bitmap and vector graphics editor tool . Creating and optimizing images for the web becomes more quick with Adobe fireworks.

Features of recent Fireworks CS4 includes : Adobe Creative Suite Integration , with this you can work with other adobe application extensions like Psd , AI , EPS etc . this enables Cross platform integration . In cs4 you can find improvements in user interface , performance and workspace models , enhanced Optimization and scaling tools , RIA authoring support and other rich user Interfaces.