Here I am posting Some tips to know more about creating a perfect portfolio.

A Portfolio Case :

First of all you need to buy a black portfolio case. You can find this from your local office supplies store s. you need to buy a big one so that you can include all your effort together.

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Add additional pages to the case:

Inside the main portfolio case you can add more inside pages, or sections. You can insert more works here.

Your First Page:

Your advertising resume should be the first page of your portfolio, I meant when a recruiter opens your portfolio case he or she should see your resume first. Remember stuff some extra copies of your resume in the back flap of your portfolio case it will be useful. Even you can give a copy of your resume to that employer.

Adding your BEST portfolio samples:

Even if you don’t  have many samples to your credit, you need to find the best things from your portfolio and add your good works to the first few pages. It may attract the employer. Choose the work that best shows your talent and creativity. If you have a sample of ads or brochure designs please dont glue or stick it on your portfolio case. Please allow employer to take a look at all your portfolio stuffs. Also make sure your portfolio pages designed to protect your valuable works.

Try to add related stuffs:

When you go an interview in any web designing company you can add related works to web design like what ever live pages you created etc, if you put some graphic designing or copywriting related stuff in a web designing interview may be it wont work. Always try to add related works. If you go to any ad agency better add more print related portfolio, and try to change your portfolio regarding your interview needs.

Hope this article  helped you to know how to prepare a  simple portfolio , good luck. :)

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