Google Panda Updates

Google Panda Updates

In this article I am going to tell how to recover from the Google Panda update. Panda was implemented on February 24th, so if your rankings are down before or much later, the reason could be something else. You need to check and make sure your Google analytics before you blame the new Google algorithm.

Google Panda update target:

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  1. Duplicate content.
  2. Not enough text on the page.
  3. No internal or external links to the page.
  4. Google Panda looks at individual pages for low value including content, links, page loading time, unwanted java scripts , ads on page etc.
  5. Page loading time.
  6. Link and content farm websites.
  7. Site has large number of useless information indexed in Google.
  8. Site has no SEO friendly structure.The following are some steps you can  try to recover the lost traffic from Google search.

Improving the quality of your content in general. Make sure your website content is not a copy of any another website content. Always provide fresh and unique content. Google Panda updates targets low quality content websites. So you need to make sure that you are providing good quality content for better user experience.

Now, Google only give priority to top quality contents on its search results. Bad quality content website will go in darkness forever. Keep in mind that reconsideration request on Google may not work in this panda update case . So, you need to be very careful.

Advertisements on your website. Please make sure you are not showing too many ads on your pages. External ads will hurt you. If we use link to external pages we should make it a no follow link. Bad advertisement neighborhood  is also a major problem if you are caught by Google Panda updates.

Please remove unwanted keyword stuffing on your pages. Use only the right and minimal keywords for your web pages and do not add non content related keywords to your pages. So, I recommend you all to give priority to your most valuable keywords. Your target keyword should be added in the first sentence of the article and should be made bold. So friends please make sure it is in the first paragraph itself.

You must ensure that you are using the correct spellings, grammar, syntax while creating your articles or web page contents. Even when you submit your contents to any blog or articles submission directories.

You must immediately remove poor quality contents from your web pages. Try to update with high quality page contents.

If your website domain is hurt by Google Panda update , please try to create sub domains and try to update with fresh and new contents. Also you need to link several pages internally that are related to your main content keywords. If you are not using internal linking please try that today itself. Link building is a main solution for Google panda update. You should link to several pages internally that are related to your keywords.

You need to try both On page optimization and Off page optimization  which are very important.

In Googles new search algorithm and panda update targets (low quality) content websites. This Google Panda update is designed to reduce rankings for low quality sites which are low value added for Google search users. So, you need to make sure your each and every article is having good quality. Your article’s  content must be informative, filled with quality editorial content and must be easy to navigate.

Re design your existing pages for better user experience. Fast loading, good content structure, easy navigational and good quality contents are a added advantage.

Hope this article  on how to recover from the Google Panda update was useful for you!