Hi friends, here I would like to share a few good ideas about designing a good portfolio  website for achieving your career growth. Every designers will have his or her own design portfolio to  show their talents to the prospective employers. But you need a  design portfolio with a variety of your own  to stand out from others. So that, you get noticed from other normal designers. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while you create your portfolio to impress the employer or your client.

A few quick tips for making a good designing portfolio

  1. Highlight only  your  best work.
  2. Choose a variety of design samples.
  3. Limit the number of designs you include in portfolio.
  4. Keep an identity to  your entire designing portfolio structure.
  5. A simple and good navigational menu .
  6. Give a brief description of yourself.

Now,I am going to tell you  how to design a graphic/web portfolio.  One thing the designers have to keep in mind is to create the portfolio in  two versions that is one Online and one offline.

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Making an online portfolio website



We need to make a good online website to showcase our design skills for employers and clients. You can see my design portfolio website that I have done in WordPress. I would like to share my designs with all my good friends. That is why I have made it  live and kept it open for every one to see and get inspired.

So friends, try to  make a good portfolio website in WordPress.  WordPress is an open source and anyone can have it. Also if you need, you can make this manually. But I strongly recommend this to be designed as dynamic. So that ,you can add good designs later on. Add a brief description about yourself  in the main page of your portfolio . Its an added advantage if you can place about you in each and every inside pages. You can add a short bio , contact details and your social networking profile details.

Show your designs as thumbnail so that the employer can have a quick look and they will get an overall idea about your design skill sets. It is better if you can show the designs  like logos, icons, brochures etc all together. A combination of all you art works. Try to highlight your specialty. You need to project your skills in a better way. Add your good works. Add a separate category for your design samples and experiments.

Keep in mind that your online portfolio website must be simple and flexible to employer or your client. You need to make an easy navigational website at the same time it  must be fast loading also. Try to use less graphics for your website.

Making an offline portfolio

We have two options for offline portfolio version. One is having a printed portfolio file with you and the other one is making a good CD presentation. If you can have both the versions it  is good. I have both version with me on file.

Making a Printed Portfolio

This you can have while you go for a walking interview. You can impress the employer quickly with a printed portfolio. So that they will get an over all idea about your designing skills. Make a file with all your latest and good designs. You need to make a good printed portfolio file. Make sure that your printed portfolio is neat and well designed. Insert your resume in the first page, after that you can give a short bio of yourself. Next add your works. In order to  impress the employer use some new ideas to attract the employer.

Making a CD Presentation

Making a CD presentation will revel your animation or multimedia skills . Try to make your CD presentation  in flash as it  is a very flexible tool.




Also you can try it in Director. Keep it simple and flexible. Make sure that you have an easy navigation like a website.  Don’t confuse the employer or client.

Remember you can use this CD presentation live in any website. So you need to make it fast loading.

You need to attract the employer  and show your talents using these portfolios. So spend some good time on it and make a wonderful  design portfolio. Good luck friends!