How to Get on the First Page of Google in 2012. Here I am going to post a few quick tips.I hope this will help you rank better in the search engines.
1.Sprinkle your Targeted Keywords throughout your Website content
2.Create SEO friendly URLs for your posts
3.Create an XML Sitemap and Submit to Google Webmaster tools
4.Create a Good user friendly HTML Site Map
5.Customize your Meta Title on Each Pages
6.Customize your Meta Description on Every Pages
7.Develop internal links
8.Check out your Website Cache
9.Make Sure You Do Not Have Any Broken Links. If You Find Fix All
10. Build Good Quality Inbound Links
11.Be Sure You Have a Unique, keyword Focused Title Tag on Every Page of Your Site
12.Instead of Deleting a Page, run a 301 Redirect
13.Keep urls short and sweet. Avoid unnecessary characters
14. Add Your keyword as the Alt Tag
15. Add Alt Tag to Your Images
16.  Make Sure You Added Fresh Content on Your Pages. Fresh Content Can Help Improve Your Rankings
17. Do Not Design Your Web Site Without Considering SEO
18. Add A Good Daily Updated Blog to Your Website
19. Do Not Try to Stuff Your Text With Keywords
20. Go With a Dedicated Hosting Than a Shared Server
21. Make Sure Your Web Site is Easy to Use ( User Friendly)
22. Make Sure You Have a Fast Loading Website
23. Make Sure Your Website is Good Looking One
24.Try to Get Back Links from edu Domains
25. Give Each Page a Focus on a Single keyword Phrase
26. Optimize Your Content for RSS Feeds
27.Try to Get  Good Quality Links (especially deep links) from a High PageRanking Sites
28. Add Videos to Your Articles
29.Create a Video Sitemap and List it in Your Google Webmaster Central Account
30. Make Sure You Do not  Have Any Duplicate Content Issues
31. Picking a Domain Name With Keywords
32. Bad Backlinks Can Harm Your Web Site
33. Submit a Photos  to Flickr and Add Your URL in Your Profile
34. Add Your Web Site to a Few Good PR Blog Directories
35. Do Not Stuff Your Site with Hidden Keywords
36. Do Not Put Too Many Advertisements on Your Pages
37. Do Not Use  Poor Grammar
38. Do Not Add Low quality content Including Too short, Not Well Researched
39. Install Google Analytics and Pay Attention to the Results
40. Connect Your Social Web Profiles and Content to Your Blog

This articles is about 40 Quick SEO Tips to Get on the First Page of Google.